Add your Google Virtual tour to your own website

Embedding a Google Virtual Tour is like embedding a YouTube video. Just follow these steps, or pass a link to this page on to your webmaster and they’ll be able to integrate your virtual tour into your website with minimal hassle!

Step 1

Go to you any Google page where your Virtual tour shows up and click on it so it fills the screen. Navigate your tour and find a suitable view to start your tour and make sure that’s what you see on screen before the next step. You can choose any point you like! This is great if you want to show of different areas of your business on different web pages.

Step 2

Click on the small ‘link’ icon just to the top left side of your tour

Step 3

Copy the ‘iframe embedding’ code from the box show below. If you need your tour to be a specific size to fit a certain area of your website, just choose ‘Customise and preview embedded map’. You can enter the exact dimensions you need. This will generate a new embedding code to fit perfectly inside your sites design. Just copy the code shown on the preview page and then head to step 4.

Step 4

Paste the embedding code into the html of the page on your website where you’d like your virtual tour to show, then simply save or upload this page to your website.

Step 5

Go to your website and check the page that your virtual tour has been added to and make sure everything is as you like it.